November 22, 2019

6 Proofs Your Dog Does Behave Like You

 Dogs have been with us for around 30,000 years! Actually my dog Lucky has been around for only 7 years, but however long, ever since the moment they settled down with people, we just can’t imagine life without dogs.But the big, important question remains: just how close are humans and dogs to each other, and what are the key factors in this long and happy relationship? My dog thinks it’s cookies and playing tug of war, but hey, let’s count them down!
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1) Survival of the friendliest !

One could say that the ability to be friendly and caring is one of our natural strengths.(And don’t we all need to use more of that these days!) Well, the same thing applied to wolves at some point.
Throughout all history, wolves were our enemies and humans were their worthy opponents. So worthy, actually, that wolves learned that messing with people too much was detrimental to their survival. This is how friendlier wolves came to be in the first place.Fortunately, people could appreciate their calm behavior enough to leave them be at first, but later it seems that they also found those friendly wolves to be useful and… cute! Of course, this was a really long process, but the result was the first dogs that were born to live alongside people; and the rest is history.
What a great story!
I really want to believe in it, because that would mean that we’re a lot closer to our fluffy friends than we ever thought.
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2) Dogs have individual IQ levels

For centuries, we thought we were the only
species in the world that has intelligence.
Well, those beliefs are better left in the past!
We already know that dolphins are so smart, they refer to each other by name.
We know how good chimps, parrots, crows, and octopuses are at problem-solving.
But if we decide to look closer at our everyday life, there’s another great example of animal
Dogs, obviously!
Yes, every dog owner will tell you that their dog is the smartest in the world, but now
we can actually measure their intelligence, just like we measure ours!
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3) Smarter dogs live longer

           Dogs overall helped to form our civilization;
  their influence is immense! And it seems like they’re not done helping us.
  The same study that provided us with the tools to measure dogs’ IQ, may be onto something even greater.
          The thing is, the intelligence of a dog is very similar to the intelligence of a human being.
  Statistical research shows that people with higher IQs are more likely to be healthy and live longer.
  As it turns out, it’s the same for dogs.
  The problem with people is that they’re much more difficult subjects for further research on this correlation.
        Dogs are much better because they have no bad habits and their ration is much easier to normalize.
        The other thing is that dogs, just like humans, can develop symptoms of dementia as they get older.
  If we can one day produce a treatment for this condition, we would likely be obliged
  to thank dogs for it.
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4) Dogs are more like us than our closest relative

       In fact, dogs are the only species that shows intellectual skills shockingly similar to
those of human babies. If you show a picture of an object to a chimp, it won’t understand what you mean by that.
       Dogs can understand the shown image and bring an object that resembles it.
In another experiment, several objects were named for a dog.
       The dog not only knew the objects by name, but also tried to name new, unfamiliar objects
with other specific sounds! Chimps can’t do that at all, and they are the closest to us in the evolutionary tree!
      More than that, the skills that dogs demonstrate now were considered unique to humans and observed
only in the behavior of little babies before.
      It doesn’t just show how smart dogs are; the truth behind their abilities is much more
charming. Dogs have just been around us for so long that they’ve become tuned-in to us.
They want to be close to us. That’s why their minds have become so similar to ours.
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5) Dogs lose their sleep in stressful situations

How many times have you told yourself “Don’t let it get to your head!

Don’t you dare!” when you’re already laying in your bed, trying to get some sleep.
And then nothing helps: unpaid taxes, clocks on a wall ticking too loud, people around
you looking at you funny, or are you just imagining things?
So much stress!
At least you’re not alone – around 30% of people suffer from insomnia at any given
time. But, unfortunately, the circle of this disaster doesn’t end here.
Dogs are highly susceptible to it too!
According to a collective study from the Hungarian Academy of Science in Budapest, a dog’s
experiences accumulated throughout the day have a direct impact on the quality of sleep
they get at night.
If something goes wrong – poor puppy, the night will be long and fruitless.
If everything is alright – it will dream sweet dreams of running through soft, green
grass, chasing plump rabbits, or whatever.
Heck when Lucky sleeps sometimes all four feet are moving, and he actually barks in
his sleep, too.
Does your dog do stuff like that also?
Tell me about it down in the comments.
Anyway, here’s an idea for everyone: Let’s be kinder to puppies of all ages, and let
them sleep tight.
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6) Dogs and humans have similar microbiomes.

First of all, what in the heck are microbiomes?
Well, I don’t know how you’ll react to this; but there’s a whole jungle inside
Not literally, of course, but our insides are the greatest place for all kinds of organisms
to live.
Don’t rush for an antibacterial soap just yet, and listen — most of the time, being
a host for all kinds of microscopic life is actually good for you!
For example, you won’t be able to digest milk properly without them; and they even
do some good for your emotional balance.
In fact, there are so many microbes in us – they outnumber our own cells.
We’re literally overflowing with life!
All the genetic information from those microbes, presented in the form of DNA, is called the
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